Say goodbye to outdated systems and start building modern cloud applications with ease. With 20 years of expertise, Caspio帮助各种规模的公司加速数字化转型, industries and geographies.


比以往任何时候都更快地将你的想法付诸实践. Caspio's visual app builder guides you through every aspect of creating sophisticated cloud apps. Build forms, reports and dashboards in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.


Everything you need to design, build and operate your applications is included: point-and-click app building tools, a fully-integrated online database 以及可伸缩的云基础设施来支持您的应用程序.

Deploy Seamlessly on Any Site

定制你的应用并无缝地嵌入到任何网站上, 内部网或门户,而Caspio在幕后默默地为它们提供支持. Caspio’s flexible deployment model is perfect for both internal and public-facing applications.

Enterprise-Grade, IT-Approved

Running on AWS and SQL Server, Caspio的一流技术堆栈提供了严格的安全性, performance and compliance required by IT departments across the most demanding global companies and regulated industries.

Never Pay Per User

不受限制地扩大规模. Caspio never charges per user, making it the most cost effective low-code platform to support your business growth as your application usage increases over time.


与Caspio专家团队协作构建应用程序. With 24/7 support, free online training, onboarding and managed application services,你会得到一个全方位服务团队的支持,支持你的成功.


让你的应用更努力地为你工作,而不是反过来. Create searchable databases, KPI dashboards, multi-user portals, location-based apps and custom business software — all without writing a single line of code.

Charts and Dashboards

Charts and Dashboards

现代化您如何可视化数据与澳门威尼纳斯人游戏的广泛的图表库. Make real-time decisions using dynamic dashboards with user-driven filtering and drilldown capabilities.

Interactive Reports

Interactive Reports

Caspio报告远不止显示数据. 是否要提供交互式搜索, download data, 显示图像库或启用编辑特权, 您可以根据确切的需求定制报表.

Custom Web Forms

Custom Web Forms

构建自定义表单以支持您的所有数据捕获需求. Choose from a variety of smart fields for efficient data collection: conditional, auto-complete, cascading, encrypted passwords, 实时计算等.

Calendars and Scheduling

Calendars and Scheduling

Display date and time-centric information in monthly or weekly calendars to streamline event management, 使用集中式数据库的团队可用性和资源调度.

Workflow and Automation

Workflow and Automation

Streamline operations with automated workflows and notifications that make it easy to assign tasks, approve requests, 启动下一步并跟踪状态更新.

Maps and Geolocation

Maps and Geolocation

Build powerful location-based apps with Caspio's map integration, distance search, proximity calculations and geocoding services.

Pivot Tables With Drilldown

Pivot Tables With Drilldown

Create summarization and cross-tabulation reports, similar to pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. Include an optional drilldown report that shows the data behind each summary value.

Language Localization

Language Localization

为不同的语言创建应用程序 with a single click. Your account is pre-loaded with 11 common languages, with the option to create more. 支持所有国际号码、货币、日期和时区格式.

Responsive Style Templates

Responsive Style Templates

从几个移动友好的选择 style templates 或者创建自己的自定义风格来匹配你的品牌. You can also modify the template's CSS or enable your apps to utilize your website's existing CSS classes.


将你的应用直接嵌入任何网站,门户网站或CMS系统. 界面无缝地显示在您自己的网站上, 给你一个专业的外观与您的品牌前面和中心. 只需复制并粘贴部署代码. It's that easy!

Get Expert Advice on
Your Project

和天蝎座讨论你的目标 product expert.


Get Expert Advice on
Your Project

和天蝎座讨论你的目标 product expert.



Caspio hosts the most robust online database available in a low-code platform. The fully-integrated database requires no IT overhead and is as easy to use as a spreadsheet.


作为一个微软黄金合作伙伴与SQL Server作为澳门威尼纳斯人游戏的后端数据库, Caspio带来了无与伦比的性能, reliability and enterprise security features like audit trail and encryption at rest.

Massive Scalability

澳门威尼纳斯人提供了无与伦比的规模,数以百万计的记录, 同时的交易和无限的用户. 基础设施运行在AWS上,为您提供最好的云技术.

Fully Relational

Use intuitive visual tools to design table relationships. 数据库支持各种连接类型, referential data integrity, lookup fields, 级联更新/删除功能和更多.

Rich Data Types

使用常见的数据类型,如文本, number, file, date/time and list, 加上各种智能领域,如公式, 加密密码和随机id.

File and Image Handling

简化文档管理 built-in features like file upload, versioning, bulk actions, image resizing/rotation and CDN delivery.

Efficient Data Import/Export

Migrate existing data sources from Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL in minutes. Import data 使用大容量进程和各种文件类型(txt, csv, xlsx, mdb).


你从来没有得到过这么大的控制权, 效率和自动化超出您的应用程序的第一天. 使用Caspio的拖放逻辑构建器, 您可以创建自定义工作流, 数据库触发器和计划任务在几分钟内.

Triggers and Tasks

基于。设计自动触发的工作流 custom logic or pre-defined schedules. Automate business rules, data calculations, approvals, report notifications and more.

Email and SMS Notifications

Send automatic email and SMS notifications from your applications, database triggers or tasks. Use drag-and-drop tools to customize your alerts for different users and record updates.

Automated Data Import/Export

设置数据导入/导出时间表 using connectors that move your data between Caspio and cloud repositories like AWS, FTP, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.


使用Caspio将您的数据与数千个云服务连接起来 built-in connectors. Customize your apps even further with industry-standard technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and REST API.

Cloud Storage

Automate data movement between your Caspio account and popular cloud storage repositories like AWS S3, Box, Dropbox, 谷歌驱动器和微软OneDrive.

Payment Processing

构建复杂的电子商务应用程序 通过pci支付处理 使用Caspio内置的与Paypal Checkout和Stripe的集成.

Zapier Integration

Our Zapier integration 允许您连接超过2的数据和工作流,000个云应用,比如Office 365, Salesforce, Mailchimp, 谷歌床单和无数其他东西. The possibilities are endless!

FileStor CDN

只需拨动开关,就可以从全局服务中提供不敏感的文件 Content Delivery Network 为了尽可能快的性能.


Use our REST API to extend your applications further using the programming method of your choice — there's no proprietary languages to learn.

Custom Scripting

Caspio makes it easy to customize your apps by inserting standard scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Microsoft SQL.


Security measures are prioritized and enforced throughout each layer of the Caspio platform — the cloud infrastructure, the platform architecture and all the tools and services we provide to ensure your data is always protected.

User Authentication

Any Caspio interface can be authenticated 采用加密密码技术. Manage unlimited users, set role-based permissions and store passwords safely in your online database.

Record Level Security

申请记录级权限 为无限用户和角色访问您的Caspio应用程序, 确保每个人只访问授权给他们的特定记录.

IP-Based Access Control

授予或拒绝访问您的应用程序 指定IP地址范围. Quickly configure default access rules for each interface and manage exceptions that either allow or block access.

Public ID Services

通过启用登录简化用户注册 popular ID services like Google ID, Twitter ID and Open ID — eliminating the need to remember yet another password.

Single Sign On

Allow your internal users to sign into your Caspio applications using corporate credentials. 支持Active Directory, Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta和所有其他 SAML 2.0 ID providers.

User Access Logs

View usage reports 为您的密码保护应用程序. Track all login attempts, devices, browsers and password resets so you can monitor activities and quickly address any issues.

Account Security Governance

跨Caspio帐户应用统一的安全策略. 选项包括密码强度规则, expiration, deactivation, timeout, user lockout and more.


All Caspio accounts, applications and data transfer instances are protected with TLS encryption (HTTPS). 当数据处于静止状态时,还强制执行全磁盘加密.


Meet various security and regulatory requirements with audit trail and database-level encryption at rest. Audit logs track all user access to data through Caspio accounts, applications and API transactions.

Global Compliance Leader

Powering applications for 15,世界上有5万家领先的公司, Caspio的设计是为了满足严格的安全要求, privacy, 存储敏感数据的行业和监管要求.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Our HIPAA Compliance Edition provides turnkey compliance for the healthcare industry and other organizations that manage PHI data.

FERPA Compliance

FERPA Compliance

Our Compliance Edition adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect the privacy of student education records.

符合GovCloud - FIPS 140-2标准

符合GovCloud - FIPS 140-2标准

Our GovCloud Edition meets the security and cryptographic standards for government agencies to store sensitive but unclassified information.

PCI DSS Level 1

PCI DSS Level 1

Caspio provides all the necessary security safeguards for you to process PCI-compliant payment transactions in real-time.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Caspio meets the requirements of GDPR and offers local data centers in North America, Europe (UK and Ireland), Australia and South America.

Accessibility Compliance

Accessibility Compliance

Caspio内置了对Section 508的遵从性, ADA and WCAG to ensure your applications are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

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