Create Your Own Web Dashboards

Quickly Build Dashboard Applications Without Coding!

Build Web Dashboards Without Coding

使用Caspio的逐步可视化应用程序生成器在几分钟内创建动态在线仪表板. 使您在任何地方管理和呈现数据见解的方式现代化.

Dynamic Reporting

可视化数据与专业图形,饼图,销售漏斗和更多. Dynamic web dashboards help you keep track of ongoing initiatives, analyze data at a glance or in detail, and present interactive reports.

Real-Time Insights

Provide decision-makers the latest KPIs and metrics they need to pivot or push forward with business strategies. Caspio’s online database 为您提供安全的实时访问您的数据从任何连接设备.

No-Code Development

澳门威尼纳斯人提供了构建定制web仪表板所需的所有工具,而无需编码. Unleash your creativity with our point-and-click visual app builder and step-by-step wizards. Just point, click and publish!

Thrive in a Data-Driven World With Web Dashboards

在竞争激烈的商业环境中,单靠数据并不能给你带来优势. 通过在线仪表板将信息转化为行动,并获得数据驱动的业务敏捷性.

A survey by Harvard Business Review found that 42% of company decision-makers lack confidence in their decisions due to insufficient information or difficult access to it. Worse, only 16% expressed strong confidence in the accuracy of the data they use in making decisions. Research by Dun & Bradstreet also found that 41% of businesses consider “inconsistent data across technologies” as their biggest challenge to maximizing ROI.

It’s no surprise that more businesses are starting to build their own dashboard software to manage data better.

Dashboard reporting gives users a gist of the information fast — usually through visual tools like graphs and charts, 而不是包含小块拼图的大型电子表格.

在线仪表板可以实时获取数据,使用户可以查看更准确的信息. On the other hand, 手工报告需要花费时间来准备,并且可能包含过时的信息. Web dashboards are also dynamic. They allow users to interact with the data, 因此,对于分析和预测,它们是比静态报告更好的工具.

4 Reasons Why Web Dashboards Matter

业务仪表板使管理人员能够获得关键指标的实时快照, making them an indispensable tool for decision-makers. Here are a few reasons why you need online dashboards today.


See all your important company information in one place.

仪表板从各种来源提取数据,并将所有数据整合到一个视图中. Serving as a centralized information hub, a web dashboard allows decision-makers to see patterns and key performance indicators at a glance — enabling them to make business-critical decisions faster and using data from all relevant sources.


Ensure data consistency across multiple teams.

Different teams within your organization may have their own versions of the same report encoded in different formats and managed in various software. A dashboard, whose view can be customized based on user needs, addresses this inconsistency by serving as the central source of information — a single source of truth — for all users.


Deliver information visually and easily.

Instead of the generic, templated reports, present your data visually through your dashboard and engage your audience to absorb information faster. With Caspio, you can create charts, tables and graphs instantly. No need to be a graphic design expert. 将用户的注意力引向乍看之下真正重要的数据.


Securely access and share business data.

仪表板允许用户在任何有互联网连接的地方访问信息, without the need to download and install additional software. And since you can set user access levels, 您还可以根据用户的访问类型限制他们可以看到的数据的数量或类型. 您可以设置一个安全登录页面或使数据公开可用.

Create a Web Dashboard in 3 Simple Steps

Build your own web dashboard in just a few clicks, allowing you to showcase data that you want front-and-center. Caspio平台允许您快速构建和部署无代码指示板.

Step 1. Import Data to the Caspio Platform

Upload the data you want to highlight from spreadsheets and Access databases with point-and-click wizards.

Step 2. Configure Your Tables

Caspio elevates your records in a structured database environment with custom data types and relationships.

Step 3. Build Your Web Dashboard

使用Caspio的可视化应用程序生成器创建多用户的web界面. No coding is required!

Why Create a Web Dashboard With Caspio

想要构建自己的在线报告和分析工具来可视化和管理关键数据, and do it all by clicking, not coding? Caspio的市场领先的无代码开发平台使其变得简单.



    Empower your entire organization to access and build web dashboards without being charged per user or builder.



    Easily manage your data as your business expands. Caspio is specially designed to handle usage spikes.



    Experience optimal response times, 即使在处理在线数据库中的大量数据时.

  • 专业的网络应用


    Build visually stunning online dashboards with your unique brand using intuitive point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools.



    Easily publish your dashboard on any website, intranet, portal or CMS — similar to how you embed YouTube videos.



    Select from thousands of third-party services, plugins and apps, including Google Sheets, Salesforce and more.



    Leverage enterprise-grade compliance programs and protect sensitive business information in the cloud.



    不需要是任何编程语言的专家,就可以添加自动化和工作流. Just point, click and publish!

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

使用Caspio,您可以构建的web仪表板的范围仅受您的想象力的限制. Here are some popular use cases built by business professionals across all industries and departments.

Tips for Creating an Online Dashboard

Before you start building your first online dashboard, consider the following tips to help you through the process:


Think about the audience of your dashboard

A dashboard can serve multiple user roles. However, the best dashboard designs target a single type of user and only show data relevant to that audience. So, before building a dashboard, be sure that you clearly understand the needs of the intended user and the scope of their requirements.


Group data logically

设计良好的业务仪表板确保数据显示在逻辑组中. 如果你的仪表盘包括区域销售和个人销售业绩, make sure your data sets are displayed next to each other. 然后,人员KPI数据应该一起显示在一个单独的逻辑组中.


Choose the best visual dashboard tools for each data type

看看这个月哪个团队的销售额最高? Use a pie chart. 想要评估一名员工在过去12个月的表现? Use a line chart. A dashboard presents data visually, 因此,选择最适合您想要显示的信息的正确的图表.


Present only the most important metrics

杂乱的仪表盘分散了人们对最相关消息的关注. There’s no solid rule to follow here, 除了确保你展示的内容对目标用户有意义. Simply put, don’t add a chart or a graph just because you can. Remember, dashboards help users find clarity.

Build Your First Web Dashboard Today!

Want to learn how to create a full-featured web dashboard? Watch our tutorial 关于如何设计专业和视觉上惊人的web仪表板,而不编写代码.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Import Excel Spreadsheets Online:快速上传Excel数据到Caspio的在线数据库平台,只需几次点击. Learn how easy it can be with intuitive configuration options.

  • Design Your Cloud Database: Add, rename or delete any field on your database. You can also edit data types and create table relationships depending on the kind of information you store.

  • Build Accurate Pivot Tables:使用Caspio的可视化应用生成器创建数据透视表,带有分步向导. 将数据按列、行和值分组,类似于Excel功能.

  • Generate Dynamic Charts:结合不同类型的互动图表,以获得有价值的见解一眼. Choose from line charts, bar graphs, pie charts and more.

  • Add Custom Calculations:学习如何插入HTML块和应用简单的SQL计算字段. 精通技术的用户可以免费使用低代码来增强他们的仪表盘.

  • Deploy Web Dashboards Anywhere: Embed your Caspio applications on any intranet, 门户或网站,可从任何计算机或设备实时访问您的在线仪表板.

Create Web Dashboards Without Coding

What Our Customers Say

For over 20 years, we’ve been simplifying how tens of thousands of businesses worldwide manage and present data online. Find out why our customers love working with us and why we have 5-star ratings on Gartner and Capterra.

Caspio helps bridge our databases and create dashboards that pull information from different sources.
S&S Worldwide
Paola Deininger
Applications Specialist
S&S Worldwide
With Caspio, 澳门威尼纳斯人游戏可以轻松地创建用户界面,让人们看到并从中学习有价值的信息.
Allison & Thompson Insurance
Tim Thompson
Allison & Thompson Insurance
Caspio enables us to expand our static reports to live workflow processes and data-gathering systems.
Emory Healthcare
Shane Wieberg
Emory Healthcare

Your Online Dashboard Questions Answered

What is a web dashboard?

A web dashboard is an online interface, or page in your website, that displays real-time data as insightful charts and reports. Custom dashboard software built with Caspio allows business developers and C-suite executives to pick and choose their preferred combination of interfaces — all by clicking, not coding.

What are web dashboards used for?

Web dashboards are primarily used to analyze key performance indicators and other critical metrics to make strategic, data-driven decisions. Whether you’re working in government, healthcare, manufacturing, education, sales or any other industry, 仪表盘应用程序为您提供快速和准确的信息一瞥.

Who benefits from a web dashboard?

中小型企业和《澳门威尼纳斯人》100强企业都从网络仪表盘系统中获益匪浅. With the Caspio no-code platform, every department, down to each team, can leverage different line charts, bar graphs, funnels, 透视表和更多的数据在单个页面上创建其数据的唯一视图. No coding experience is required!


Any type of structured information gathered via web forms or imported from spreadsheets can be displayed on your Caspio-powered dashboard application. 快速设置自定义界面,显示表现最好的销售代表, a list of open projects, pending helpdesk tickets, profit margin analysis and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

How do you build a web dashboard?

After signing up for a free Caspio trial and logging into your account, you have the option of importing Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to serve as the foundation of your no-code dashboard. All you need to do next is follow Caspio’s guided development workflow as you build dynamic interfaces. 然后,部署他们在任何网站,内部网,门户或CMS,类似于你如何嵌入YouTube视频. It’s that easy!

How long does it take to build a dashboard?

在短短几分钟, anyone in your team can put together all the essential elements of a web dashboard and publish them live. Caspio’s point-and-click tools empower you to build custom apps 20x faster than traditional software development.

Can I upload Excel spreadsheets into my online dashboard?

Yes! Caspio本身支持导入Excel电子表格,可以一次导入一个,也可以批量导入. No file conversions or copy-pasting required. Our step-by-step wizards give you the means to easily migrate data from legacy systems in just a few clicks.

Do I need to know how to code to build a web dashboard?

您不需要学习任何形式的编码来创建自己的功能丰富的仪表盘应用程序. Caspio的可视化应用程序生成器是为商业用户而设计的. Additionally, tech-savvy users can also leverage their knowledge and experience with standard programming languages to extend their app functionality with code.


No need! You can start planning your web dashboards now and use the Caspio no-code platform to realize your vision. You can even request one of our free dashboard templates and customize it to your business requirements.

Who can see my dashboard?

That’s entirely up to you. Caspio allows application admins to set fine-grained permissions on who can help build your dashboard, role-based authentications on who can access your data and record-level security for users to see information relevant to their account. 一旦深入了解这个平台的安全特性,就会了解更多.

Is the data in my dashboard backed up?

在caspio驱动的仪表盘后面是一个强大的数据库平台,具有极大的可扩展性. 所有数据都保存在一个可靠的web数据库中,由灾难恢复功能保护. 您还可以手动将信息导出为多种文件格式. You can even download your entire app!

Are my web dashboards secure from external sources?

Yes! Caspio comes with strict security and compliance features to protect your data in the best way possible for your industry. If you need to restrict access externally, 您可以在单点登录认证的基础上应用基于ip的访问控制.

Ready to Get Started?

Build Your Web Dashboard With Caspio

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Ready to Get Started?

Build Your Web Dashboard With Caspio

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